Grayson Dean Walcott
American Kart Driver

As seen on the limited run series, Baby Drivers on Discovery Plus! Grayson Walcott is an American go kart driver from the Chicagoland area. In 2019, he started go karting at 5 years old. He raced two seasons in the kid kart class with numerous podium finishes. Due to his “smooth” and smart driving style at an early age, people around the track affectionately called him “Little Lewis” in reference to his racing hero Lewis Hamilton. It is in Lewis’ honor that Grayson races with the number 44!

At 2 years old, Grayson developed a love for watching Formula 1 with his father. Through his parents research of the sport, they found that go karting is a huge stepping stone for many professional drivers. He has now raced all over the US and Mexico. Grayson was nominated the 2022 Rookie of the Year in the Formula Karts Mexico series. 

The 2021 racing season was a huge development year for Grayson. He spent almost the entire season training with legend Troy Adams of Adams Motorsports Park in California. In 2023, he entered his first pro races with Pole Position Motorsports and team Parolin USA.

When not racing, Grayson enjoys traveling, swimming and skyscrapers. He has been in Chinese immersion since kindergarten and is an excellent student. 

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